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Genesis HR goes golfing!

Thanks to our new partnership with the Commanderie golf course located in CROTTET (71), we present you our advertisement on the official golf bar cart ! Together with 2 other companies (the wine bar 88 and Henri DE ALMEIDA), Genesis RH is proud of this new partnership.

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Genesis F1 certified Qualiopi!

Great news! Our Genesis F1 training centre is Qualiopi certified since March 31, 2022! What is Qualiopi certification? It guarantees our clients : A quality training offer The possibility for them to benefit from mutualised funds (OPCO, State, Regions, Caisse des dépôts et consignations, Pôle

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The builders of tomorrow

We will never stop saying that women are the future of our society. However, if we take a closer look, we see that the place of women remains controversial. Emblems of birth, love and gentleness, but also housewives,

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Genesis HR expands to Canada!

Live your Canadian dream with us! Yes, after Senegal, we are developing in Canada. Of course, the climate is not the same, but the job offers are flying! Our mission Genesis RH is to make the professional projects of French or French-speaking expatriates a reality in accordance with the expectations of companies

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Professional retraining with Genesis HR

If you have professional projects, Genesis HR® helps you to achieve them. This is a nice way to introduce this article and to try to transcribe as well as possible Mehdi's feedback, who was kind enough to answer my questions. For the most faithful of you, you know that in

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Genesis HR is recruiting in Senegal!

If you were offered the chance to work for several months in a place where the temperature does not fall below 18 degrees, what would your answer be? For David, the answer would be quick and clear: yes. To give you the context for this job, we need to go back a few years.

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Setting a new course

Let's take a look at a new Genesis experience, made in Bourgoin, which proves once again that the Genesis RH experience is unique. Wielfried, a public works and super heavy goods vehicle driver, recently hired on a permanent contract by our corporate client, gave us his feedback on his experience with Genesis HR and more particularly with

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Winter is coming

Winter is coming... Winter is coming and with it comes the snow and the cold. But it is above all a time of festivities, family and unhealthy meals! It's a time for spending lavishly (Black Friday, Christmas, New Year's Day), or almost, and for receiving gifts

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